Privacy Policy

When using our website you are entrusting us with your information which is not an easy thing to do. This privacy policy is to help you understand what type of information we collect and how we use it. When you are going on with your work within our website we would like you to know that we shall use the information you provide us for improving and ensuring reliability in our services and nothing else.

The type of information we collect includes your language, your location, your search history, your frequently visited page, any personal information when creating an account with us, your physical and digital address.

Information about your location will help us give directions to where we are and not for anything else. We are also able to easily direct you to the closest location from where you can access our services.

The information you give use when you create accounts with us is treated as personal information and we take seriously how it is protected. this will include your name, addresses, and any financial information. We treat this with at most importance and keep it safe only for our use and your benefit . The information about you helps us communicate with you about any new products and services which you have shown interest to in the past,

Information about your activity with us is also used to help us improve our delivery of services to you.
Your browsing history and search history is used to help us give you suggestions on new upcoming products and services that came up in you searches. Your search history will help us decide what type of ads to post on your page.We also ensure that your purchase information with us is confidential to assure you that it will not be leaked to any other persons.