What Fits in my Garden?

A garden fireplace is the latest trend. It provides a cosy atmosphere and cosy warmth and you can also enjoy your garden in the evening. But you can also opt for a fire table or a fire bowl in addition to a garden fireplace. What possibilities do the different products offer?

Garden fireplaces

A garden fireplace is a type of open wood fireplace suitable for outdoor use. You place a few logs in the fireplace, light it and enjoy the evening in your garden or terrace, even if it gets cooler. There are many types of garden fireplaces. Our black garden fireplaces are very popular. These fireplaces have a heat-resistant coating or are made of cast iron. Many models of the black garden fireplaces have a wood compartment in the lower part where you can store wood and which gives the garden fireplace an even more cosy look. At the moment our most popular black garden fireplace is the 1.20 m high Rengo garden fireplace.

In addition to black garden fireplaces, Burni Brann at Leuk Woon idee also sells Corten steel garden fireplaces. Corten steel is a strong, weatherproof steel that turns rust-brown within a few months. This rust protects the steel from further corrosion. The Corten steel garden fireplaces with their particularly robust appearance fit perfectly into a modern industrial style garden. If you have an industrial style living room, you can continue this style in the garden with a durable Corten steel garden fireplace.

Fire table

A relatively new product for the garden or terrace is the fire table. Fire tables are (garden) tables with a built-in gas oven. You can add the table to your lounge set or garden chairs. The gas stove spreads a cosy warmth in the evening. The advantage of a gas stove is that you can easily switch it on or light it. A garden fireplace that is heated with wood naturally means more work. But it is the very personal taste that determines the choice. Some people are passionate about wood and choose a garden fireplace or wood stove, while others prefer a gas stove, e.g. in a fire table.

Fire tables may only be used outdoors as they require sufficient oxygen supply. You can also place the fire table under a canopy or roof. This is pleasant, as the warmth of the table will last longer in the evening.

Fire tables are offered in a wide variety of materials and shapes, from old scaffold wood to concrete look, from round to square and rectangular and from aluminium to composite materials. Most fire tables can also be used as side tables. If you are looking for a larger table, then choose a fire table with a rectangular tabletop such as the Twist. Look at all the fire tables here and use the filter on the left to find the perfect fire table.

Built-in burner

Do you like carpentry and would you like to build your own fire table? This makes your fire table cheaper, because you only need a built-in burner. Greenlabshop.de offers various built-in burners and ceramic logs. With it you can create your own fire table set.

Fire bowls

And then there are the fire bowls. In a fire bowl you can lay a few logs, light them and enjoy a small campfire. Fire bowls are the cheapest products that you can find at Greenlabshop.com. They are available in many versions, e.g. in concrete look, Corten steel or cast iron.

Which product is suitable for me and my garden?

The most important and therefore first decision is whether you want to use gas or wood. If you prefer gas, a fire table may be the best choice. There are so many different fire tables that you will undoubtedly find the right one for your garden. Would you rather heat with wood? Then you have the choice between a garden fireplace and a fire bowl. A garden fireplace is the showpiece of a garden or terrace and looks spectacular, but is slightly more expensive than a fire bowl. If you only have a small (roof) terrace or a small garden, a fire bowl is more suitable and nicer. If you can’t decide, that is not a  problem, our customer service will be happy to help you with recommendations for your decision.

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