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We spend almost 90 % of our lifetime in closed rooms. Since air quality has a direct influence on our health and well-being, an air conditioning system makes sense for everyone who pays attention to themselves and their well-being.

HVAC Escondido modern air conditioning technology is characterised by safe and comfortable operation. Numerous additional functions enable optimal economic and ecological operation. The unneeded energy is saved and thus the environment is relieved.

While in other countries the term air conditioning is used to refer to pure room cooling, in Germany it is used to refer to more. The aim is to maintain an even room climate, which includes humidity and air quality in addition to room temperature. Thus the borders are fluid to controlled dwelling ventilation. Thus air conditioner is not equal to air conditioner. Many air conditioning or ventilation systems have elements that take care of all aspects of a healthy indoor climate.

Since people spend a large part of their lives in rooms, the topic of indoor climate should be considered important. However, air conditioning systems must be serviced and/or checked at regular intervals in order to serve health. Air conditioners, such as your refrigerator, are also divided into energy efficiency classes. You should take this into account when purchasing.

The most common application of air-conditioning technology in our latitudes is the air-conditioning of motor vehicles. In public buildings, air conditioning is an indispensable part of the equipment. Air conditioning is also standard in more and more commercial buildings such as office buildings or supermarkets. The demand for air-conditioning technology in the private sector is also increasing in Germany. More and more people want a comfortable climate within their own four walls. This may be due to the fact that temperatures have risen noticeably in recent years and heat periods are increasing in summer.

In principle, however, air-conditioning systems make sense for anyone who cares about a healthy and pleasant indoor climate. Since humans spend about 90% of their lifetime in closed rooms, the effects of air conditioning on general well-being and health should not be underestimated. Nowadays it is part of a pleasant attitude towards life and after a short time you will not want to do without it anymore. We would be happy to advise you on this subject – just talk to us about it.

Advantages of modern air conditioners

In addition to energy efficiency, modern air conditioners have also changed significantly in many other areas in recent years.

Small dimensions
Quiet operation
Automatic temperature adjustment depending on e.g. time of day by interval control
Economic consumption / high energy efficiency
Price significantly more attractive than in the past

Variety: Modern air conditioning units and controls are available in a wide range of variants, from inexpensive room air conditioning units to radio-controlled and remote-controlled solutions for the entire house.

Types of air conditioners

Here we show you some example products. In order to get the best possible solution especially for your needs, we should advise you personally.

Climate cassettes

In the case of air-conditioning cassettes or flat air-conditioning units, the inner part is installed in ceilings or even better in intermediate ceilings, so that they are optimally integrated in the room both in terms of appearance and function.

The arrangement of the unit’s adjustable air outlets allows cool air to be distributed evenly. You can conveniently control the system with a remote control or an installed climate controller.


With this, the desired temperature can be controlled at will without any effort. Other setting options include automatic operation, cooling, heating, dehumidification and ventilation. It is also possible to save programs with which the system can perform its duty on certain days or at certain times of the day.

Modern control modules have touch screens, colour displays and Ethernet interfaces. Of course, nowadays there are also control options via app with convenient functions from the “Smart-Home” area.


Air conditioning systems are available in many different designs. One of the most important aspects in the selection should be electricity consumption.
If you have underfloor heating, you should check whether a heat pump that can also be used for cooling is sensible for you. Heat pumps that cool are also much cheaper in terms of electricity consumption.
Air conditioning systems provide a great indoor climate. But to keep it that way, the units also have to be serviced at certain intervals.
Supposedly cheap “air coolers”, which are often advertised in DIY stores, only work according to the principle of adiabatic cooling. This is a kind of evaporative cooling, which further increases the already high humidity in the room. If you hang a damp cloth in front of a commercially available fan, you get the same effect. However, this is in no way comparable to a “real” air conditioning system.

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