Cleaning Your House In Less Than An Hour

No matter whether we live in one of the most beautiful houses or not: Regular house cleaning is a must! Because a clean home is not only a hygienic matter, but contributes to the fact that we feel comfortable in our four walls. But once we have started to clean the house, it seems that there is no end to it. But our time is far too sad to spend hours and hours cleaning. That’s why we’ve put together some tips in today’s collection of ideas that will help us to tackle house cleaning with brains. And that in a maximum of 60 minutes.

1. Be honest with yourself!

First of all we should remember that we clean our house first for ourselves and not for possible guests. If we only clean it so that it should be for guests, then we will never find an end, but we will always find a corner, a table or a room that could look even better. We should be fair to each other. Because here we are talking about a thorough cleaning, which is about hygiene and rough order – not the interior decoration worked out down to the last detail. In this sense: Please don’t exaggerate and start clearing out or cleaning windows now.

2. Clean up!

Ok, then let’s start. First we should bring order into our rooms. Cleaning up is the key word that is now pending. Let us first bring all things back to where they actually have their place: Books are put on the shelf, old newspapers in the trash and dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Depending on the size of our apartment or house, this should not take more than ten minutes. If nevertheless our next tip comes: Let’s take ourselves nevertheless every day some minutes in order to clean up again. Then we save ourselves the big chaos that otherwise comes up to us.

3. Dusting and vacuuming

Now it’s the turn of the surfaces. Equipped with a duster or damp cloth we should rid ourselves of dust from tables, cupboards, chests of drawers or electronic devices. It doesn’t matter if one or the other crumb falls on the floor. Because we haven’t vacuumed yet. We do this when all other surfaces have been cleaned. We should give ourselves around 20 minutes for dusting and vacuuming. Tip: In the meantime, check house plants and fresh bouquets and, if necessary, dispose of or cut off withered flowers.

4. Clean bed linen

The bedroom is our very special retreat where we relax from everyday life. A clean and nice smelling bed linen is a must. So the best thing is to change the sheets and bed linen and let the duvets air out at the open window for a short time before you move in. 5 minutes!

5. Cleanliness in the kitchen

So now it’s time to venture into the kitchen. Kitchens are the place where most of the cleaning is necessary. Every few weeks we should take one or the other drawer and clean it thoroughly. But that doesn’t have to be every week. Here it is important to regularly clean the worktops, fittings, sink and electrical appliances. The microwave oven and the garbage can should also be cleaned from the inside so that everything remains hygienic. Tip: Never leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight. Apart from the fact that leftover food dries up, there is nothing more uncomfortable than waking up in the morning and having a dirty kitchen in front of you. We have 15 minutes here.

6. Cleaning the bathroom

Where haven’t we been? Oh yes: In the bathroom! Very few of us like to clean that up. It’s relatively easy and quick if we don’t have too much decorative elements in the bathroom. So the large surfaces and sanitary objects can be cleaned quickly, without us having to move many small parts from A to B. Let’s not forget that the mirror needs to be polished. And the towels can also be washed. Our recommendation: Sanitary objects should be cleaned once a day for hygienic reasons, then we hardly need more than ten minutes for the weekly cleaning. It is practical if we keep the cleaning agents in the immediate vicinity, for example in the vanity unit of the washstand.

7. Do not forget to ventilate!

We did it! A small but important hint at the end of the article: While we are cleaning the house, we should not forget to ventilate our rooms thoroughly. Hopefully we all do this several times a day. But while we are cleaning, we can really blow new air through the rooms.

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