All About 3D Animation

A 3D animation shows the movement of a body in a three-dimensional space.For general viewing, the movements of the body are stored in 29 individual frames per second and combined into a video file for a flowing, moving image.

A detailed description of the creation and how we create your 3D animation can be found on this page! If you are interested in an animation, we will gladly discuss your project with you and animate an optimal solution for your project. Further descriptions and application possibilities, you will find with us under Animation Singapore

3D animated films for marketing and under Technical 3D Animation for Industry.
Download examples of our 3D animations can be found at the bottom of this page.

In the following overview we have provided you with animated examples from different industry sectors. Herewith we would like to show you the different design possibilities. Of course, we can also give you the prices for 3D animations and you have an approximate reference size for your project.

How we create a 3D animation

With the help of computer-aided animation programs, it is possible for us to recreate geometry from reality in a virtual space and animate its functionality there. For example, the geometry can be a replica of your product or an entire landscape. We work with the 3D animation program 3ds Max. With this program it is possible to create very realistic looking single images, from which the animation is finally composed.

The higher the reality factor of an animation is, the higher the computing effort of a PC, which has to be carried out per image. For example, our computers, which are designed for the creation of 3D animations, can calculate a real-looking image in about 7 minutes. From this follows for a 3D animation of one minute duration, with 25 frames per second, a total computing time of 175 hours. That’s a good 7 days in a row!

Your animation of the virtual factory!

The Virtual Factory is specialized in the creation of 3D animations. Our goal is to visualize your innovations with 3D animations! 3D animations can explain complex actions in a schematic or photorealistic way. With 3D artists and mechanical engineers we construct your products in detail and animate them in their full function.

This type of 3D animation is used by our customers as an image film in advertising, for the explanation of science and technology, for presentations at trade fairs and many other applications.

We create your 3D animations in such a way that you get maximum benefit, whereby our goal is also to keep your costs as low as possible. In order to make you an offer, we need some information from you and adhere to a precise procedure. The following information is required:

Which target group would you like to address with your animation?
Which 3D models are available, or need to be created for animation
Which styles such as materials, environments or lighting are important to you?
Which functions should your product show, or can be performed with it?
Which product descriptions, data sheets, pictures or videos are available?

In your offer you will find a storyboard describing the process of your animation, pictorial examples and suggestions how your 3D animation will look like, information about the output quality and information about the costs for the animation.

To make sure your animation doesn’t lack anything, we have prepared a project plan for 3D animation for you. Here you will be guided through all important questions and can record your requirements.

3D Animation Film

The 3D animation film is the supreme discipline among the animated films. Free choice of perspective, room depth, unlimited motion sequences, With a 3D animation video you play in the first league. Do it like the big ones and tell an exciting story with heroes, villains, gripping turning points and convey your message in a playful way.

A 3D animation video sets your explanatory film in motion. Objects and figures are modeled in a three-dimensional space and can move freely in free space. And the space has it all: Unlike a 2D animation, the 3D animation generates a spatial depth that gives your explanatory video undreamt-of intensity and power. A 3D animation film is more laborious and time-consuming than a 2D animation, therefore also more expensive – but it is worth it!




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